-Bachelor of Health Science major in Acupuncture at NZCCM

-Diploma in Tuina (Level7) at NZCCM

-Certificate of Dr. Vodder's International Manual Lymph Drainage

-Bachelor of Theology at Laidlaw Bible College New Zealand for consultation

-Certificate of Physiotherapy (South Korea)

-Sports massage Certificate (Oversea)

-Chiropractic (South Korea)

-Doctor of Dental Medicine (Philippines)

-Certificate of Jump Master (South Korea)

Brian is a multi-talented therapist having studied Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Sports Massage Therapy, Tui Na Massage Therapy(Level 7), Acupuncture, and the member of 

Dr. Vodder Academy International (Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage).

Brian also has certification in skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing, paragliding, and was a part of the special military airborne troop in South Korea. He was also a Parachute Landing Fall(PLF) military instructor and  P.T trainer for 6 years and was an athlete and a part of various sports teams representing not only his school but his region during his adolescence. 

Brian's diverse medical background and his extensive experience in various sporting industries has helped him become a very talented therapist with a phenomenal understanding of the human body.

With Brian's medical background he has developed a particular passion for treating acute or chronic pain, and post-surgery pain and dysfunction such as Lymphatic edema and varicose vein etc.


Brian Kim

Therapeutic Massage Therapist I A.C.C Registered


Dr Brian

A.C.C Registered Acupuncturist I Master Manual Therapist-Lymph


Dr Sonia Lee

Registered Master ACC acupuncturist


Dr Jun Ko

TCM Herbalist & ACC Registered Acupuncturist


Dr Brad

A.C.C Registered Acupuncturist & AcuMassage Therapist