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Elham (about 50 years old, Female)

I have been a patient of Brian, an Excellent Practitioner for

the second year now since I have first started attending

the College teaching clinics. Once I found Brian I have

frequented his treatments to the exclusion of other students.

I found Brian's approach to my treatment to be more

Holistic and beneficial for my many health complaints,

aches, and pains, including Chronic pain in multiple areas. 

Mary (about 45 years old, Female, after cancer)

I highly recommend Brian to any patient of Edema

and any other health condition, such as

Chronic Pain Syndrome.

John Sanderson (over 90 years old, Male)

Brian has a wealth of knowledge in various disciplines,

such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Sport, and

deep-tissue Massage on a professional level,

Chinese specialized Tuina massage.

Please see my handwriting reference 


Paula, Ellerslie, 2014

I started treatment with Sonia in 2011, receiving acupuncture three times a week.  Within three months pancreatic cancer and liver metastases had become necrotic ( was dead).  I was watching my diet, praying, and meditating at the same time but  I am certain the acupuncture was a big contributing factor.  I still have treatment today as insurance.

Marjorie-Christine Bell

February 2014 was a turning point in my life

I had been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes – my feet were hot and tingling.

My mother had had her leg amputated with diabetes complications.

A friend recommended that I have acupuncture-a modality that I had never considered. Having met Sonia Lee previously and being very impressed by her gentleness and caring and her honesty so contacted her.


As well as diabetes I was very overweight (always put it back on after dieting).

I also had severe edema in my legs and ankles ...since I was 12years old


Sonia informed me that because of the long-standing nature of edema it might take a while to correct because many of my channels were partially

or completely blocked. It made sense to me that there were an answer and hope for the healing of my body that had been very sick over 40 years of my life!


In the first 6 weeks, I lost 6kg and in all the right places-mid ribs and hips and buttocks and legs! I have a new body shape! I still continue every week for the treatment ...what is a year or two commitments for a new body functioning better and looking good because we are going to the source of the problems!


The diabetes count was 59 and has now lowered to 48 ...out of danger zone.

I am ecstatic and can’t take my eyes off my new body! The emotional support has also shifted from intense anxiety to amazing self-confidence!


I can highly recommend Sonia and her team as a true healing clinic that puts her clients healing as a priority!! Thank you Sonia, Sam, Ray, Ryan, and Young!

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